Talkin’ bout a revolution

Don’t you know
They’re talkin’ ’bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper
Don’t you know
They’re talkin’ about a revolution

Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ bout a revolution

The education world is full of revolutions. Not a day goes by without some wise sage on Twitter telling us about the latest trend. Some even make a living about telling us about the fads they’ve seen come and go (not knocking this – there is some important stuff amongst this for all of us).

But are we listening?

Even OFSTED themselves say that we are getting education wrong. So where is the problem? Now if I can be so bold, I’m going to kick things off by saying that the problem currently lays at the feet of thousands of school leaders and teachers up and down the land…

How do we start then? We celebrate the disruptors, the mavericks, the do-ers and we talk down the naysayers. There is a wealth of community and talent out there; teachers who are doing the right thing, every time, every day, for the learners in front of them. They don’t need expensive tracking systems that can only show linear progress. They don’t need a spreadsheet to know how their class are progressing. They certainly don’t need a league table to show how their cohort compares to every other cohort (take aside any variance present) up and down the land. What we need is educators being listened to, being trusted and, above all, being allowed to innovate in their classrooms.

This isn’t about Trad v Prog, SOLE v DI etc. It’s about allowing teachers to be professionals and use what they know to educate the children in front of them. It’s about taking back control of a profession in a spiral of despair and empowering individuals to make decisions without fear. It’s about removing the bullying culture that exists in some schools across England and turning the culture of fear into a culture of understanding.

So colleagues, are you in?

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