Questioning things we are asked to do that don’t help the children’s learning

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I must start my first GroundEd post by saying that I have the absolute respect for the people I work with, both at my school and those I encounter at other schools through training, moderations etc. The tireless work that teachers, management and support staff put into their work on a daily basis is truly inspiring and should not be overlooked.


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As someone who has only entered the education profession fairly recently, one thing that I do find surprising is the general acceptance amongst teachers to do whatever we are asked to do without questioning it, however pointless or unnecessary we deem it to be. Prior to entering the world of teaching, I worked in Private Healthcare marketing for 2 years and Private sector pharmaceutical and travel recruitment for three years. Whilst this experience is very different from that of teaching, there was a clear focus on efficiency, productivity and ultimately a strong emphasis placed on achieving set outcomes successfully, all things prevalent in the world of teaching today.




All too often Teachers seem to simply complete tasks they deem pointless rather than challenging the necessity of them. The constant treadmill of undertaking such tasks can build up an internal feeling of frustration and disillusionment, often creating a negative association with what is a truly wonderful profession. I can’t help but feeling that there is still an engrained attitude amongst teachers that the Headteacher is a big scary figure who you simply must not question for fear of getting a detention!


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I am perhaps a little more outspoken than many NQT’s, however would never act in an unprofessional or disrespectful manner. Of late I have had several conversations with the Headteacher at my school about things that we are asked to do, and on each occasion, have left that conversation feeling uplifted and better informed. It may well be that some things that we see as pointless simply must be done, however if management are not given clear, honest and constructive feedback from their staff on a regular basis things are unlikely to ever change to a level that we are happy with. It is important to remember that Headteachers and Senior Management were in our position once. They are not monsters and may well surprise you with their responses!

Thank you for reading!

Mr K (David Keyte)


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