Nothing really matters, anyone can see…

Anyway the wind blows,
It doesn’t really matter,
To me,
To me.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Every once in a while something makes you stop and think. Whatever kind of a day you have had, whatever you’ve been accused/accused others of, life stuck has a way of stopping you in its tracks.


The news hits you like a bolt of lightening, nothing else really matters. In this, as in many other things, Freddie was right. It’s all about the perspective.

How many twitter followers? Who cares. How many likes/retweets? We aren’t living our lives looking in the Black Mirror.


So what to do when the news hits? Look around and take stock. Remember that things do matter. Family, friends. They all matter. The tangible things you can do something about.


Sometimes we lose sight of what is important in the world. The smile of a friend, the conversation we never had. The love of another human being.


Trad/prog? Silent/noisy? Who cares, nothing really matters to me.

You see what really matters are those small connections. The everyday mundane conversations. The face to face moments, the shared coffee, the last biscuit in the tin, the last roll of the dice.

To share these moments is incredible. Because they all matter. Real things, real connections.


We need to be less absorbed in ourselves. Take the time to smell the coffee, to make the friends, to see the light.

Or one day, it’ll be too late…

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