IMG_4598 - Colin grimes

What is your Twitter handle?


Describe your school.

A single form entry, rural first school in Northumberland.  Being a First School we are not governed by our KS2 results, this gives us some freedom in our curriculum.  We have a large Forest School area that we use to great effect for all kinds of outdoor learning.

What is your personal philosophy for education?

There really is #NoBestWayOverall. It is incumbent on the classroom teacher to do what is right, at that time, for the children in front of them.

What needs to change in education?

The encouragement of moral courage to enable leaders to do the right thing for the children in their school.

What does #GroundEd mean to you?

A grass-roots led revolution that enables great classroom teachers to do what they do for the children they serve.  It’s time to put children back to the front and centre of everything schools do.  Education is a right, not a privilege!