What is your Twitter handle?


Describe your school.

I teach at a 3 form entry Junior School on the Surrey/Sussex border. It is a school with just under 400 pupils, from a range of different backgrounds. Unusually, my school has a fairly high percentage of male teachers for a primary school (5 out of 13). Our staff have a wide range of experience both within and outside of the teaching profession.

What is your personal philosophy for education?

I passionately believe in the potential of every child both socially and academically, and feel that the child should absolutely be at the centre of everything that happens in education. As someone who was often disengaged at school, I believe in making learning fun, exciting and above all memorable. If you create an environment where children want to learn then they very likely will. Teaching isn’t perfect and the profession may well have changed, but I believe in facing these challenges with a positive attitude and looking forward to the future in a constructive and optimistic way.

What needs to change in education?

  • Teachers need to be trusted to do their jobs.
  •  Data needs to be concise and purposeful.
  • Importance must be given to a broad and varied curriculum.
  • Schools must be given adequate funding.

What does #GroundEd mean to you?

An opportunity to approach the challenges within the education sector in an upbeat and logical way. GroundEd is a platform for discussion amongst professionals on how best to adapt the day to day role of teaching and its expectations to ensure that it is a profession that people don’t become disillusioned with or want to leave.