DYelOF1XcAARK5T - Luke Horton

What is your Twitter handle?


Describe your school.

A one-and-a-half form entry primary school in Rotherham, serving pupils from a range of backgrounds. We have a wide range of experience amongst our staff and our children love to be at school.

What is your personal philosophy for education?

Education is not just about a data score at the end of school. We should be teaching children how to be better human beings. Current dictations through policy mean that this has truly been lost in a lot of schools. Teachers should be allowed to get on with their job and teach, with senior leaders offering a guidance and support role, not repetitive monitoring and point scoring. If a decision is not going to impact on children, don’t make the decision.

What needs to change in education?

We need to take back control of our own profession. When Ofsted themselves are saying mocksteds should not be taking place, yet they continue, this shows that the ‘control problem’ in some schools still prevails. We need to be informing our own practice through research and CPD – too much of this has to be done in our own time at the moment.

What does #GroundEd mean to you?

GroundEd is an opportunity to cut through the utter rubbish that we deal with on a day to day basis. The number crunching that would make accountants jealous, the collecting of five pieces of evidence to prove children can do one thing. The members of staff that chip away at our rights as teachers, with us so busy due to pressure that we just say yes. GroundEd is also an opportunity to escape the vacuum of Twitter and get involved with some serious debate about policy and practice, along with what works and doesn’t work.